Benefits of Compression

It is already common knowledge that medical bills are expensive. The risk can even go higher if more dynamic movements are performed, such as cycling. As simple as it seems, sports clothing can very much reduce the chances of having medical risks and one particular item that can help is compression clothing.
Effect on Recovery
Since cycling is a repetitive motion done for a long period, there is a chance that blood on some body parts, like the calves, can stagnate. If compression is worn, it can improve the blood circulation as much as 15%, oxygenation by 15%, and toxin elimination by 13%.
Effect on Injury …

Fats as Fuel

The physicality of cycling demands so many calories to burn. If the training is the preparation, then the foods selected are the necessary tools. The common food group used as fuel is carbohydrates but for such a demanding activity, fats may be the appropriate choice.
Body Fats
The fats stored under the layers of your skin can be very much used as fuel for the cycling activity. If you feast on food with high-fat contents, according to studies, you are likely to be more energized and can maintain the training pace for longer periods.
Fats as Carbohydrate Replacement
When you do cycling, you are burning the …


We all know that cycling is a great physical activity that can provide you with so many benefits. This might be endurance, muscle volume, cardiovascular strength, mental focus, psychological benefits, or all of them. However, too much of something can bring risks and the same goes for cycling.
Effect on Body
Warning signs are telling you that you might be overdoing it. They can be the following:

Tiredness or grumpiness
Sudden mood changes
A decrease in body mechanics
Injury risk
The weakening of the Immune system

Driven with either a goal or a consequence, you …

FLAB Cycling Review

Cycling is an activity that requires endurance. The clothes you wear can either help you or impede your performance and comfort. The aim of the invention of cycling shorts is specifically to maintain or even aid the rider’s biking.
One sportswear company, FLAB, focused on producing cycling apparel for bodies that have a bit larger frames than the average. Their designs are widely beloved by bikers due to the application of technology to the creation of their products. One of those products is Lasses Cycling Pedal Pushers.
For a woman with thick thighs and protruding buttocks, these three-quarter …

Reasons for Investing in a Folding Bike

Folding bikes are becoming popular in this modern day when commute has been more difficult and available space has been more limited. Depending on where you are and the purpose of your usage, here are six reasons why you need to purchase a folding bike.
Convenience and Portability
If you are opting for a destination that is a bit long for a walk and a bit short for a vehicle ride, then the folding bike can provide you that needed convenience. It’s even easy to carry because of its portability.
Variety of Choices
There are many designs you can choose, from different colors to various folding mechanisms and …