How CBD Can Change Your Mind as a Cyclist


The two training regimens that cyclists need are sleep and recovery(resources). The current health crisis affects cyclists’ training routines significantly. Some cyclists are keen on working at home as this gives them more time to train. For others, disturbance to work and personal life affects their training time negatively.

Nowadays, most cyclists have been adjusting to the stress from the health crisis regardless of how often they train and compete and some of them are turning to using CBD products. However, how can CBD products change your mind as a cyclist and what are its benefits? Read on to discover the answers.

Understanding CBD

Cannabinoids are naturally present in the human body. It is a phytocannabinoid that originated from a cannabis plant and is not psychoactive. According to scientists, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is the one responsible for regulating neuron activity and helps maintain homeostasis. In addition, phytocannabinoid can control ECS.

Anatomically, two endocannabinoids are being produced in the nervous system and released into the synapse. These molecules become active when they attach to CB1 receptors to stop the release of some neurotransmitters.

Moreover, the ECS plays a significant role in the human body. It mainly contributes to maintaining homeostasis or the body’s stability to help in proper functioning.

CBD consumption serves as a supplement to elevate ECS activity. When the body is under heightened stress, it will experience pain and inflammation, which leads to a medical condition. CBD aids in minimizing inflammation and may weaken neural activity.

Experiencing CBD

Today, numerous studies and resources about the effectiveness of using CBD in improving the quality of sleep and recovery for cyclists are available. Some cyclists are keen on trying CBD as a supplement when training and during competition, and it works well.

Cyclists compete in tournaments with different challenges that require nonstop and longer rides, mostly 100 and up miles. In difficult stages, there are longer transfers without mid-race time trials; some teams use this time to rest. They would say that the best part is being in a group with a strong bond and teamwork to overcome challenges.

Furthermore, it is apparent that competing is tough and limits oneself in getting enough sleep. To give support, coaches in the cyclist team usually ride in between groups. At some point, fatigue and exhaustion will hit you, and you will no longer be capable of performing at the same pace. To recuperate, cyclists use drops of CBD tincture before bedtime. The next day, they feel refreshed, rested, and able to perform well.

Final Words

CBD consumption makes a substantial difference to cyclists, especially in managing pain and recovery. Using a natural and right product like CBD for sleep and performance is much preferred by cyclists. And the chances of testing positive for THC are lower.

According to experts, there is still a lot to know about CBD consumption and its effect on athletes. Thus, it is still safe to seek medical advice before trying any medication.

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