About Us

Women’s Cycling Magazine is a medium for all the female members of the cycling community. We focus on delivering the latest information about the world of cycling, no-nonsense articles in promoting better performance and stories that inspire to push forward.

The deputy editor, along with a host of amazing contributors, is continually pushing the envelope for the impact of cycling to all interested women. Here are a few Q&A with the deputy editor.

Q:  What type of riding is your favorite?

Deputy Editor:   As a person growing up in the scenic trails in Wales, I find mountain biking as my favorite. A continuous rush of adrenaline just keeps my heart pumping, from getting over a muddy forest to the challenging uphill of mountainous terrain.

Q: Talking about cycling, what aspect do you love the most?

Deputy Editor:   Throughout my cycling experience, the best thing for me is being a part of a community, like what I have right now. It feels so amazing having people that I loved and cherished with the same interests.

Q:  What goals are you setting for the Women’s Cycling Magazine?

Deputy Editor:   As my passion for cycling continues to grow, I am more motivated in empowering as many women as possible through showcasing the greatness of the sport I loved.