FLAB Cycling Review

Cycling is an activity that requires endurance. The clothes you wear can either help you or impede your performance and comfort. The aim of the invention of cycling shorts is specifically to maintain or even aid the rider’s biking.


One sportswear company, FLAB, focused on producing cycling apparel for bodies that have a bit larger frames than the average. Their designs are widely beloved by bikers due to the application of technology to the creation of their products. One of those products is Lasses Cycling Pedal Pushers.

For a woman with thick thighs and protruding buttocks, these three-quarter length pedal pushers are perfect. The high-density Lycra fabric offers less transparency but more breathability. Even for long rides, they cannot bring discomfort to the user.

The drawstring feature enables you to tighten your cycling shorts and tuck easily the string heads. Even when untied, there are no chances of falling because of the effectiveness of the silicone hem and waist.


Manipulating the drawstring may be trivial but you can easily apply a convenient knotting method. Overall, the pedal pushers are very comfortable even if you have a bigger thigh and buttock size. You won’t be worrying about your figure and you can very well focus on a hassle-free ride.

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