We all know that cycling is a great physical activity that can provide you with so many benefits. This might be endurance, muscle volume, cardiovascular strength, mental focus, psychological benefits, or all of them. However, too much of something can bring risks and the same goes for cycling.

Effect on Body

Warning signs are telling you that you might be overdoing it. They can be the following:

  • Tiredness or grumpiness
  • Sudden mood changes
  • A decrease in body mechanics
  • Injury risk
  • The weakening of the Immune system

Driven with either a goal or a consequence, you might be pushing your body beyond its limits without even reinforcing it. The energy absorbed during food intake is quickly being utilized for training without even leaving some for body recovery.

To avoid or lessen such a problem, you can keep a daily log of your training. You can set a schedule where you balance your biking and recovery period.

Effect on Mind

Cycling is a great outlet you can divulge your excess strength and release stress build-up. However, if treated as an obsession due to the magnitude of the goal, you might find it tasking and can lead to frustrations.

To keep yourself composed and contented, you need to maintain a sense of practicality in what you are doing by focusing on realistic achievements. Cycling is very beneficial and is not to be used to fuel the body towards damage.

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