Types of Cycling

As a sport, there are different variations to cycling you can learn and enjoy. Additional detailed skills and approaches may differ, but the basics of riding are still the same. Here are six types of cycling you can try.


BMX is a progressive form of biking built for transitioning between motocross and road biking. With that design purpose, you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor adventures. BMX bikes are affordable and you can even go extreme by doing tricks.

Tandem Cycling

It may not be competitive but it provides you the opportunity to enjoy ‘couple’ rides. You don’t need to own one though. Some leisure spots offer rentals where you can enjoy touring together with your companion.


CX or Cyclocross is an extreme form of biking using a road bike with mountain tires. The purpose of such is to race across challenging terrains like muddy swamps. It requires physical training and more usage of techniques.


Track riding is a rising sport. Mostly, only professional athletes pursue this but if you aim to go beyond the limits of endurance, you can try it. It is a constant pedaling with a fixed gear in an indoor track for the goal of covering the required miles.


This might be the riskiest form of biking. Not only skills and conditioning are required, but also the quality of the bikes too. Safety is at its utmost requirement when you want to ride across mountain trails.


This is the biking all of us are usually accustomed to. It’s a great exercise and can be your casual mode of daily transportation. The skills required are only the basics but knowledge of traffic rules and regulations are needed.

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