FLAB Cycling Review

Cycling is an activity that requires endurance. The clothes you wear can either help you or impede your performance and comfort. The aim of the invention of cycling shorts is specifically to maintain or even aid the rider’s biking.
One sportswear company, FLAB, focused on producing cycling apparel for bodies that have a bit larger frames than the average. Their designs are widely beloved by bikers due to the application of technology to the creation of their products. One of those products is Lasses Cycling Pedal Pushers.
For a woman with thick thighs and protruding buttocks, these three-quarter …

Reasons for Investing in a Folding Bike

Folding bikes are becoming popular in this modern day when commute has been more difficult and available space has been more limited. Depending on where you are and the purpose of your usage, here are six reasons why you need to purchase a folding bike.
Convenience and Portability
If you are opting for a destination that is a bit long for a walk and a bit short for a vehicle ride, then the folding bike can provide you that needed convenience. It’s even easy to carry because of its portability.
Variety of Choices
There are many designs you can choose, from different colors to various folding mechanisms and …

Nutcase Urban Helmets with Space Cats Design

Casual riders, aside from breaking a sweat, also desire to ride with style. Clothing may be limited to only colors and prints, but in terms of helmets, you can apply any designs you want as long as the safety standards are met. One particular headgear, the Nutcase helmet, has gained a following because of a design popularized during Eurobike 2017 – the Space Cats.
As the name implies, the helmet is designed with images of cats that seem to roam in space. The cats have the domesticated look and are scattered evenly on the helmet’s surface in an adorable fashion. To have a background of outer space, a dark …