Benefits of Compression During Workout

It is already common knowledge that medical bills are expensive. The risk can even go higher if more dynamic movements are performed, such as cycling. As simple as it seems, sports clothing can very much reduce the chances of having medical risks, and one particular item that can help is compression clothing.

Effect on Recovery

Since cycling is a repetitive motion done for a long period, there is a chance that blood on some body parts, like the calves, can stagnate. If compression is worn, it can improve blood circulation by as much as 15%, oxygenation by 15%, and toxin elimination by 13%.

Effect on Injury Prevention

Oscillation in muscles occurring during exercise can be quite common and, if left unmanaged, can cause muscle tears. Compression can reduce muscle vibration by up to 32% and muscle fatigue by a surprising 43%. With such a reduction, you can push more boundaries without worrying about injuries.

Effect on Performance

Since cycling is an ever-dynamic activity, you can sometimes encounter an uncooperative wind. Through a specific compression, you can gain a more aerodynamic advantage that can lessen the effort needed to be exerted.

When to Wear

Compressions are recommended to wear if an activity is being done. At resting state, it is not advisable to stay wearing one. Also, if you are traveling on a plane towards a training camp or a race, compressions can very much prepare your muscles to be in their great condition.

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