Signs of Bike Slowing

The feeling of having your first bike just fuels your passion for riding anywhere you like. However, no matter how hard you pedal, your performance will gradually be sluggish if left unchecked.

Granted that your physique is still in top shape, the problem might be with your bike itself. Here are five signs telling you that your bike is slowing you down.

Wobble on Bottom Bracket

As you begin to pedal, if you notice the action seems difficult and as you ride along, you hear knocking sounds, then the bottom bracket needs replacing. Because of constant use and infrequent maintenance, the bearings are starting to wear out.

Punctures and Draggy Tires

Understandably, the tires will be one of the first parts that will experience a decline after being exposed to various terrains. So, if they seem constantly deflated or have many chippings on the rubber, replace them with a new or better set.

Non-budging Gears

Gears enable you to transfer your pedaling power efficiently to the turn of the wheels. If you can’t switch gears, you will be having great difficulty navigating different levels of terrain. Have your gear cables fixed and apply regularly ample amount of lubrication.

Outgrown Wheels

The standard set of wheels that comes along with your bike ages ago might have a limited lifespan. An upgrade will add aerodynamic benefits and renew the overall durability as well.

Uncomfortable Sitting

It may get unnoticed but the comfort of your seat affects the fluidity of your movements. You might feel unnecessary soreness on your bottom or back. It is better to invest in ergonomic seats.

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