Nutcase Urban Helmets with Space Cats Design

Casual riders, aside from breaking a sweat, also desire to ride with style. Clothing may be limited to only colors and prints, but in terms of helmets, you can apply any designs you want as long as the safety standards are met. One particular headgear, the Nutcase helmet, has gained a following because of a design popularized during Eurobike 2017 – the Space Cats.


As the name implies, the helmet is designed with images of cats that seem to roam in space. The cats have the domesticated look and are scattered evenly on the helmet’s surface in an adorable fashion. To have a background of outer space, a dark blue color is used.

Aside from the design, it has a spin dial fit system that is removable and has Fidlock magnetic buckle. The glossy finish enables to reflect light which can help in surroundings that have dim lighting.

The helmet has two sizes available: Small, which is around 52 to 56 cm, and medium, which is 56 to 60 cm. It costs around 80 Pounds.


Even though you are not a cat-lover, you will find this Nutcase helmet cute with a helpful design in terms of reflective lighting. From this, you may be inspired to create an original design of your own.

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